Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick. Treat.

John was Igor (hooded cape, boots, hunch). I was Dr. Jellyfinger (scrubs, Charity Hospital labcoat, doo-rag). Sonya was a derby girl in the requisite derby girl drag. Jen and James and Kieran came over to trick or treat with us.

Maybe it was because it was a Friday night (and a pleasant one, at that), but it was just like it was when we were kids. Tons of kids and parents out. Lots of people giving out candy. After we came home the trick or treaters kept coming, so I turned around and gave away all the candy John had gotten. He doesn't care - he doesn't really like candy anyway, aside from the occasional piece of chocolate.

John is interested in other people's homes, too. He wouldn't say "trick or treat." He would say "do you have a dog? Can I come in your house?"