Saturday, April 30, 2005

Congratulations, Jazzfest is ruined - for you!

Sonya and John and I went to Jazzfest today. We had a large time. True, we parked on the other side of the bayou far, far away from the Fairgrounds. but it was a pleasant day, cool and cloudy, and the walk was nice. The infield was wet, but the crowd seemed happy and John enjoyed riding around in his stroller and seeing the sights. We got some crawfish monica (fucking awesome) and made it to the other end of the track in time to see Elvis Costello. He rocked and we saw some people we knew, so it was a pretty great day.

Here's the thing, though! We were walking back to the car and we were waiting to cross Esplanade at the Whole Foods where a couple of cops were working the crosswalk. So we're standing there, waiting to cross the street, and we're standing next to the police car parked at the corner. And some nimrod went to make the turn and totally sideswiped the cop car, with two cops standing right there! Crunch! Dude in the passenger side was yapping on his cellphone and he looked back, saw it was a cop car and got the oh, shit look. The cops just stared, giving off an I-can't-believe-this-shit vibe. The SUV - of course it was an SUV - pulled over and the girl driving it got out, looking sick. One cop walked over to deal with her while the other stopped traffic.

"Come on now, y'all," the cop yelled, "get on across!"

"Should we stay and be witnesses?" Sonya asked as we walked on the car.

"I don't think so," I said, "two cops saw it happen. Not much need for any more witnesses than that."

Thursday, April 28, 2005


John and I have just spent the last seven minutes watching the video for Annie's Chewing Gum. Twice.

"This is the greatest video ever, huh, John?" I asked him as he watched the screen, transfixed.

"Yeah," he said and nodded.

Such a catchy song. Check it out, bitch!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


The '80s popped up on the iPod this morning!

  • Pulling into the parking lot: Toast of the Town, the greatest Motley Crue tune ever.
  • Walking to work: L'il Devil, The Cult. It starts with a L'il Jon-esque "yeah!" Truly, they were before their time.
  • Walking up the stairs to my office: Can't Hardly Wait, The Replacements. A good tune for settling into your cubicle all ironically.

Then the Nine Inch Nails version of Dead Souls came on, but I had to turn that off. Just a little too dark and hateful for that early in the morning.

And from The Onion - Report: U.S. Foreign Policy Hurting American Students' Chances Of Getting Laid Abroad. "I offer to buy them a drink, and they tell me I shouldn't just stand by and watch Bush destroy the world. Look, if I had that type of pull with the president, I obviously wouldn't be out trolling for anonymous Dutch pussy."

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Best. Day. Ever.

Sunday may have been one of the greatest days ever. Seriously. Listen to all of this good stuff:

  • A friend I hadn't seen in a while was in town with her new husband on their honeymoon. We went to meet them for breakfast.
  • The breakfast was at Palace Cafe.
  • On the way to breakfast Siobhan called and offered two extra Jazzfest tickets. We didn't take them, but still - that was sweet.
  • Sonya asked me to massage her neck - she was kind of hunched over Saturday night doing some paperwork. I got carried away and it worked out well for everyone.
  • Hours of GTA3 while John was napping.
  • I had an Abita Amber.
  • Then John and I took a long walk around the neighborhood.
  • Hot dogs and french fries for dinner!
  • A brand new episode of Deadwood.

It's the little things, isn't it?

Monday, April 25, 2005


John, playing outside and happy about it.On the way to work this morning I saw Amish! Or Mennonites! Simple folk, anyway! The men were wearing straw hats and big ol' beards and the women had on hooded capes. Capes! One of the men was even smoking a pipe. They looked very out of place walking down Poydras.

At left: John is thrilled to be outside. I have no idea what he's looking at. A squirrel, maybe? Some birds? Who can say? He would never come inside if we'd allow it. "Outside" is even one of his words, though he says it with an exclamation point.