Saturday, March 29, 2008

From the Archives

I recommend you check out the new photo album, Fall 1990, on my myspace page. Therein, you will see me as a young and sexy bitch.

Friday, March 28, 2008

What are you listening to these days?

My playlist from this morning:

January: Pros and Cons


Between John and I we were both sick for pretty much the entire month. Horrible bad sick, too. John was much the worse, though. Fever and vomiting early in the month...then he recovered a little, just in time for a truly horrifying stomach bug...then coughing and stopped-up head and a little more fever to wind up the month.

Me, I almost never get sick beyond the odd cold in the wintertime. Not this year. This year, I had the horrible creeping plague. A sore throat like I'd tried to deep-throat a red-hot fireplace poker. Constant filth draining down the back of the throat, no matter how much I tried to spit or blow my nose. And a fever. A fever! It's been over a decade since I ran a fever! What am I, a twelve year-old? I'm a grown man, for God's sake. Fever. Really.

"It's weird," the nurse at the doctor's office told me, "people just think they have a regular cold, so they stay home and take medicine and try to take it easy...and they don't get any better. You have to go to the doctor to take care of this."

"That's me," I croaked.


Final Fantasy XII. All my free time is devoted to this game. John and Sonya don't watch TV anymore; they watch me play this game. I'm going to be so bereft when it's over.