Friday, November 30, 2007

Harold's Tips for Wooing the Ladies: Memphis Edition

So, guys, you're out and about on a Saturday afternoon and you've got a hot date coming up that night and you don't want this one to end in a curt goodbye and a restraining order, like all your other dates?

Here's what you do. Between four and five on Saturday afternoon, you go by Rachel's, 2486 Poplar. They've got all these buckets full of fresh-cut flowers, and from four to five on Saturday afternoon all those flowers are 50% off. You get yourself a big gaudy bouquet, have the nice old ladies at the counter charge you a little bit of nothing and wrap it up for you, and then you give it to your date first thing that night. You look thoughtful and like you're willing to spend money, which she'll hopefully remember when you won't let her get another order of hot wings at Alex's later that night.