Thursday, June 30, 2005

"...bustin' a cap..."

Figured I'd better slip in an update so I don't miss June entirely.

Not that you've missed anything. Nothing bad, mind you. June has been a pleasant month, hot and muggy with the occasional thunderstorm like any good subtropical summer month.

But somewhere in The Hobbit Tolkien talks about how bad things are interesting to hear about (and take quite a bit of telling) while good times don't make for good stories. And it's true.

So what happened in June? I got a Jefferson Parish Library card to facilitate the reading jones both Sonya and I have had lately. We've been reading about the Harrys - Dresden and Potter - and what's more pleasant than reading with the spouse?

We went to the Tomato Festival in the French Market. We ate pasta and John clapped and bobbed his head in time with the music. The boy loves live music.

We've done a lot of cooking. Sonya and I work well in the kitchen together, and we didn't really know that. It's nice to find out.

Sonya's trying to get into a Gothic and Horror Fiction class this fall. This probably means Frankenstein, but I guess it could mean Lost Souls. She needs an advance syllabus, I think.

Oh, this is from the Times-Picayune last week:

A failed romantic relationship between two pistol-packing guards led to some tense moments inside an armored car at a Slidell bank.

Loomis, Fargo & Co. employee Quiana Anderson, 27, told authorities she was driving to Hancock Bank at 1411 Gause Blvd. to make a pickup Tuesday when her co-worker and ex-boyfriend, Willie Dorsey Jr., 27, pointed his .357-caliber handgun at her from the back of the armored car.

Dorsey, separated from Anderson by bulletproof glass, had previously threatened her with "bustin' a cap in her head" and told her Tuesday he would carry out his threat after work, police said.

When he went into the bank to make the pickup, Anderson called police and reported the incident, Slidell police spokesman Capt. Rob Callahan said.

I love it. "Bitch, I'm gonna blow your head off after work. Now stay here while I drop off this bag of quarters."

Sonya and John are home today; John's school is being painted, so Sonya took the day off to hang out with him. I called home earlier and she put him on the phone.

"Hi daddy," John said, "how you?"

He speaks English! It's a proud day.

And as we speak, my mom is on her way to town to spend the holiday weekend with her grandson. That should be worth a story or two next week.