Sunday, June 08, 2008

Is it wrong... screen your brother's calls? And by "screen" I mean "not fucking answer."

I love my brother, I do. Wouldn't trade him for anything. But jeeze. Everytime he calls - or anytime I see him - he needs something. A ride somewhere. Help with my mom's yard. Twenty bucks. No time is too inopportune for him to make a request, apparently.

If you've met my brother, you know how he is. He's a swaggering hunk of old-school macho, all mustache and long hair and muscles from the incredibly dangerous manual labor he does. However, he also hates - hates! - to be alone. Even just watching TV, he wants someone else to keep him company.

And now he's calling me from my mom's phone. Such sly trickery!


Blogger christie said...

Just catching up on your life...
Definately not wrong! I do this all the time with my sister b/c she always wants something, but she disguises it as something she thinks I would find to be interesting and fun...
They're all around us.

6/16/2008 5:23 PM  
Anonymous The other Christie said...

I'm just going to have to comment in case Anna Beth reads this to say...wrong Christie! I never avoid your calls, honest! xoxo

6/17/2008 6:27 PM  

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