Saturday, June 07, 2008


James and Kieran came over tonight and we had a Man's Evening in the Home. I cooked on the grill and John and Kieran sprayed each other with the hose and assorted water guns.

Dozens of water guns that Jen brought over for Memorial Day. John has one big air-powered supersoaker that I held onto.

"James and I are sitting on the porch, drinking our beers," I explained to the boys, "if you spray either one of us with your little guns, I will soak you with this big gun."

Also, the porch was a place where the boys couldn't shoot each other. However, this was a hard rule for them to follow. Therefore, I initiated the Countdown.

"Ten, nine, eight..." I'd intone, all the while pointing the supersoaker point blank at the kid on the porch. This was a strong motivator for them to go play elsewhere.


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