Sunday, May 25, 2008

Slip. And slide.

We had a houseful today. My buddy Edwin brought his family and approximately half a pre-seasoned cow. Jon, another buddy of mine from high school, showed up with his daughter, who was shy.

And Jen and James and Kieran. And Smackie. And Cindy - Sonya's roommate from her first semester of college at Arkansas State - and her family. And Glen and Shelley and their kids. And Andy and his new boyfriend. I think that was everyone, but I might have missed a few. Literally a cast of thousands.

Once I had dispensed with my cooking responsibilities (thanks again, Dad, wherever you are, for building the indestructible stainless steel grill) I drank a little beer. Then I had to fling myself in the kid's pool a few times, and take a few runs down the slip and slide. It's summer! And my house! I had to do it.

Sitting on the couch this evening, I heard John rummaging around in the ice chest behind me. Seconds later he came towards me, carrying a beer.

"You can't drink that beer, John," Sonya said.

"I was getting it for my daddy," he told her, handing the beer to me.

I thought I was through drinking, but I had to drink that one. How could I not?


Anonymous Kim Lepore said...

First time reader, second time commenter. John is so cute! Christmas Eve was so much fun letting him pick on me. I love your blogs! I'm hooked. Keep 'em coming. Oh, and hope you and your gorgeous, better half can make our party on the 21st!!!!

3/12/2009 12:24 AM  

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