Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tourist in my own hometown

Big day yesterday. Christie was going to med school when Sonya worked at LSU, and she's been threatening to come see us ever since we moved back to Memphis. This weekend, she did!

And she rode the train, too. She gets bonus points for that. Anyway, yesterday we:

  • Went to Graceland and saw every. Freaking. Inch of the place. We got thoroughly Elvised.
  • Ate barbecue at the Rendezvous! Five o'clock and it was already busy. Good pork, people.
  • Came home, got ready and went downtown to the Red Rooster (which is a beer joint and twentysomething single hangout, but it was so clean! Such spotless bathrooms! In a bar! I was unduly impressed.) to see Sonya's buddy Donnie and his band play for the drunks. Some derby girls were there too, so it was a big night.
  • Finished off the evening at Huey's, where we met Smackie for nachos. She was unhappy at being dragged downtown in the middle of the night, but Guinness made her feel better. And the nachos helped, I'm sure.

The Warhol exhibit was on the schedule this morning, and the girl's went, but I went to pick up John at my sister's house. And now I'm cooking a big Sunday chicken dinner, 'cause in many ways I'm a perfect '50s housewife. It's hell to cook in those heels, but you gotta have standards.


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