Monday, April 07, 2008

Damn linen!

I tried on my linen pants last week. They fit well - and much better than they did last year. Sadly, they looked like I'd kept them in the glove compartment all winter.

Being the thoughtful wife she is, Sonya took them to the cleaners to be pressed. I picked them up on Thursday evening.

I put them on this morning and was halfway to work before I realized the damn pants were too tight. And then as I walked in I noticed the fetching way the cuffs were banging around my ankles.

Damn you, linen! You treacherous, treacherous cloth! Fooled me again, you have!

I mean, if I'd tried them on three months ago and they didn't fit today then yeah, sure, too many big ol' sammiches between now and then. I'd be growing, not blaming the pants for shrinking. But on Wednesday - less than a week ago - they fit fine.

Oh, you conniving bitch. Linen!


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