Monday, May 29, 2006

Fishing, Boating

We went to Orange Beach this weekend and we had a big time. Lots of beach, lots of swimming, lots of seafood.

John and I went fishing both mornings. We didn't catch anything, but we had some good fellowship.

[My grandfather used to say that whenever he went fishing with someone and didn't catch anything. I think me taking my son fishing would tickle the hell out of him.]

No live bait, though. I thought John would have fun with crickets, maybe, or minnows, but no one had those. Lots of frozen squid, but it was way too early both mornings to be messing with raw calamari. I got some plastic worms instead. They worked just as well, probably.

And we went for a ride on one of those dolphin boats. You've seen the flyers, right? "GUARANTEED DOLPHIN SIGHTING OR YOUR MONEY BACK." Which would be tough on them on the days there's no sightings, but I get the impression that those days are rare. We were barely out of the marina before we saw a big dorsal fin cut the water behind our boat. Dolphins were everywhere!

John had fun, except for when the boat went over an especially big wave and went to rocking.

"I don't like that," he'd tell me somberly.


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