20 November 2002


Celexa Week!

Web MD says that one of the possible side effects of Celexa is "sexual problems including low sex drive or inability to have an orgasm." Thankfully, I haven't had any, um, difficulties. While the sex drive may be a touch lower - and, at times, nonexistent - I can still do everything required of me.

But I never think about sex! When it does cross my mind it seems like an attractive options, sure. But so does eating pizza or playing a video game.

I have assured Sonya that this has nothing to do with her; it's the damn dirty drugs. She is, as always, a hot mama.

Celexa noodles with the serotonin levels in your brain, kind of like ecstasy. I can see how they're related (not that I've ever rolled on the x) because I do feel a deep and abiding affection - for Sonya in particular, and for most people in general. This is not normal for me, as I hate the world and all the morons in it.