21 November 2002


Celexa Week!

But the worst side effect of Celexa is also what makes it work so well. All my emotions have been blunted by the drug. Things that would upset me or send me spiraling into a funk pre-Celexa now slide off my back. But things that I would get excited or happy about are only mildly pleasing.

I'm even more mellow, if that's possible. You wanna do that? Fine. YOu've changed your mind and don't wanna do that? Cool. Almost nothing bothers me.

Like, the first time I got my nipple pierced I was totally nervous. This last time, though? I sat in the waiting area, humming to myself and looking at the flash on the walls. No nerves.

And I've got to be in bed by ten-thirty, eleven at the latest. If I miss my bedtime I get grumpy.