19 November 2002


Celexa Week!

I probably went a month without having a drink after I started the Celexa. I was afraid of what the effect might be. I remember my friend Angie, who took Prozac back in the nineties. She'd have one drink, giggle her ass off for fifteen minutes and then pass out behind the couch.

But then I had a few drinks, and it wasn't so bad.

The trick is to separate the next drink from the actual taking of the pill. If you have a couple of drinks at dinner and then take the Celexa before bed, you're fine. Take the pill and have a beer, though, and the buzz will hit you at about a half-pint and stay with you well into the second beer. After three drinks you're just normal drunk, but how much is the drug contributing? Who knows?

Another thing: I haven't had a hangover not once since I started the Celexa. Something to think about.

And if you actually wash down a Celexa with an alcoholic beverage? Whooooo!