27 May 2002


Where we ate this weekend:

  • At home, Sonya cooked salmon and green bean salad from Jamie Oliver's cookbook.
  • Pascal's Manale - the famous barbecued shrimp for Donna, a seafood roast for me and pasta and crab cakes for Sonya. With tasty little oyster appetizers and dessert, too. Groaning with fullness afterwards.
  • La Peniche - The girls had breakfast, I had a club sandwich. Tasty tasty, and then we walked for a few hours. Hearty food.
  • Sake Cafe - Plate after plate of sushi and sashimi. We kept saying that it would matter, sushi leaves you hungry later. We all stayed full all night.
  • Cafe du Monde - Sonya and Donna had beignets. I was sloshy with beer and still full of sushi. I drank a large coffee instead and stayed awake well into the night.
  • Palace Cafe - Good Lord. A brunch complete with appetizers and desserts, too, and liquor! Eggs and potatoes and seafood in every conceivable combination. As a group, we were stupid and lethargic for the rest of the day.
  • At home again, and I cooked burgers and hot dogs on the grill.

"Everyone always asks if you ate well when you come back from New Orleans," Donna said, "and I can tell them, truthfully, that I certainly did."