28 May 2002


I preface this entry with the follwing tidbit of biological trivia: semen glows under a blacklight. 

You got that? Then listen to this:

A buddy of mine - we'll call him Bennigan for the purpose of this story - was dating this girl when he was in college. They were young, and in college. And, as people like that are wont to do, they had sex. Lots of sex. Lots of energetic, creative and messy sex. 

After one such session they put their clothes back on and went to meet some friends at a bar. A bar that was lit almost exclusively with blacklights.

"I looked over at my girlfriend," Bennigan told me, "and she had this stuff all over her, and it was glowin'! All over her clothes, on her arms, on her face...

"I said, 'what the fuck is that on you?'

"She said, 'on me? What's that shit all over you?' I looked down and dude, I looked like a raver. I was glowin' everywhere."