24 May 2002


I got inspected at the airport today! It wasn't a very good inspection, though.

I was going to pick up my friend Donna, and this guy stopped me at the entrance to the parking garage.

"Sir, do you mind if I inspect your vehicle?"

Uh, no. Do I really have a choice, though? If I'd said no would they have waved me through and made a note? Red Eclipse refuses inspection - keep eye on.

So I said yes and they asked me to step around to the back of the car. Dude opened the truck, gave it a cursory look and immediately sent me on my way. Apparently dirty gym clothes and a kite aren't considered tools of terrorism.

Quick Donna Story: One time I was at her house for a party. Drunk, I made a picture of two really old guys blowing each other the wallpaper on her computer monitor - which was placed in a fairly high-traffic area.

I was giggling about this.

"What?" some chick asked.

"Porn," I laughed, "on Donna's computer."

"I've seen porn before," chick said.

"Not like this," I assured her. And I was right: she'd never seen anything quite like that before.