10 May 2002


Sonya noticed that while I did talk about Jazzfest I didn't talk about what happened that night once we got home. Here's that story.

We got home Saturday night and I went to walk the dog. While I was gone, Sonya made tasty turkey sandwiches for us to eat. I got back, and Sonya said she had a headache. No big surprise, since we'd been outside in the pounding sun and broiling heat listening to loud music all day. I kind of had a headache, too.

So we ate our turkey sandwiches and watched the end of that movie with all the jousting and the classic rock. You know the one I'm talkin' about? I can't remember the name. Anyway, the movie goes off and I look over at Sonya. She's sitting up on the couch, slowly rocking back and forth, head in her hands, tears rolling down her cheek.

And the movie wasn't that bad.

It was a migraine, or something that certainly looked like a migraine. Thankfully the headaches that are this bad are very, very rare. I managed to get an Imitrex down her throat and walk her to bed.

Before the drugs could take hold, though, Sonya got very nauseous. A half-hour of spitting, retching and hair-holding (on my part) followed. She was never sick, though. I knew if the Imitrex had time to work it would put Sonya out like chloroform.

"I'm okay," she finally muttered, "I'm goin' back to bed."

I put her back in bed, then put the bathroom garbage can beside her, just in case.

I was sitting, looking at the internet. Sonya was restless, rolling back and forth.

Then I heard it.

"Huuuurrrrrrrrrrrllllll!" Sonya declared.

I looked over and she was sitting up in the bed, hunched over the garbage can. I went over and held her hair with one hand, the garbage can with the other.

To have not had much to eat on Saturday Sonya puked a lot.

"I hope I don't spill the garbage can," I thought to myself, "'cause we'll have to throw the bed away."

"I feel better," Sonya said, and within minutes she was snoring.

I emptied the garbage can immediately. It was gross!