09 May 2002


The Stranger totally let me down today. There was nothing howlingly funny for me to rip off, except for this little quip about Survivor from I Love Television:

"With only nine days left, the Survivors pass the time by filling their cracks with sand in an attempt to make pearls."

And, speaking of television, this is from a Time article about Lifetime Television:

"The fact that so many women respond to a network on which a show's title is likely to include the word betrayed or scorned has generated some derision and concern."

And so, to pad this entry out, I'll tell you that I went to high school with a girl who, when told that we would have to read a whole book and then write a book report about it, said "reading's not my thing."

I've heard that she has since married a guy who insists on having a certain meal each night of the week. For example, Monday would be burger night, Tuesday spaghetti night...and so forth.

Karma? I like to think so.