13 May 2002


In Memphis

It was cold in Memphis today! Sonya packed the bags for this trip home and she was thinking shorts, t-shirts, and pleasant May weather.

We got up this morning, though, and it was cold and damp from a night's rain. Sonya had actually brought a long-sleeved shirt to wear, but I had nothing. I had to go to my mom's house and hijack a sweatshirt.

We went to see Kathy, Sonya's former boss and friend of the family. She runs the Memphis Humane Society now, so we hung out in her office, gossiping and talking shop.

Then Sonya said, "let's go pet all the puppies!"

Now, if you go to the Memphis Humane Society and say, "I want a dog," then they'll bring out some dogs for you to look at. People coming in off the street aren't allowed to go back where the dogs live because the dogs get too loud.

But if you know the boss, dude, then you get to go back in the back and pet every single dog, if that's what you want to do. And that was what we wanted to do, so we did. I petted lots of terriers. Sonya bonded with a little chow puppy. Both of us were impressed with a bloodhound who already has a job with some local cops. Kathy was peed on by a nervous spaniel. For a dog person, it was really great.