08 May 2002


Sonya has a picture in the Cemeteryscape exhibition this year, and the opening reception was tonight. Shawn (my coworker) and her husband, Christopher, showed up, as did a friend from Sonya's workplace and Alexis, a member of my drinking/reading secret society. We had a nice little posse goin' on!

I also spoke with Lorie, who had a picture in the exhibit as well. Her website is fun; you should look at it.

Shawn and Christopher were excited to find that the little shop in the Intercontinental had some copies of the faux-Kournikova Penthouse. They got a couple of copies; so did we. We all intend to get rich off eBay by auctioning the magazines.

Then Sonya and I went to the mall for a gift for her new nephew (a little silver cup - precious!) and a Mother's Day gift for my Mom, Glenda.

I didn't say it was an interesting day.