07 May 2002


Those of you who were reading back in the fall of 2000 will remember that, for a while, I was excited about the Gatecrasher logo. I thought it would make an excellent tattoo for all sorts of reasons. I wrote about it.

But then some yahoo from the vast wasteland that is the internet wrote me and said, "that's not a lion. That's a gryphon."

A gryphon? A gryphon, by the way, is some sort of mythical lion/eagle combo. I didn't think it was, but I was not going to get a tattoo of anything about which I wasn't totally sure.

But now there's proof, motherfucker.

I quote from, uh, some heraldry webpage:

"Unlike the myth itself, the heraldic Gryphon has a more or less stable appearance. It is always an eagle/lion hybrid, with the forepart, including the forepaws, like that of an eagle, and the hindpart like that of the lion. Also important is the presence of the sharp ears, which was the only way to distinguish a Gryphon's head erased (jaggedly cut off) or couped (a straight cut) from that of an eagle's...

"There is, of course, an exception to the Gryphon's form, and that is when it is presented as a male. For some unbeknownst reason, a male Gryphon is portrayed in heraldry without wings, having instead rays of sharp spikes coming out from various places on it's body. (Symbolically speaking they are rays of sunlight.) There are often times when a male Gryphon is also depicted with two horns and/or tusks."

So, let's look at some pictures:

The Gatecrasher logo. It has no beak (like an eagle) and no sharp, pointy ears. It has no sharp spikes and no horns or tusks. It has no wings, but it has none of the characteristics of a male gryphon listed above.
A gryphon from the webpage linked to above. Note the ears, beak and sharp spikes.

Conclusion: I was right and the motherfucker that wrote me was wrong, wrong, WRONG. Fuck you, gryphon e-mail dude. Fuck you very much. Don't you write me any more. In fact, don't look at this website ever again. You're banned.