26 April 2002


Sonya came up to my office Friday, since she had to come to pick me up from work. A coworker who is sadly lacking in social skills saw us in the hallway.

"You look so normal!" the coworker said to Sonya.

"I have a day job," Sonya shot back.

Also, my car is fixed. It was the speed sensor doohickey, not the actual computer. The difference between a few hundred bucks and a few thousand is a big relief, I tell you what.

But the battery had been unhooked, so I had to reprogram all my radio stations, after entering the security code. My mom had her battery unhooked one time and her car radio asked for the security code. Several years later and my mom still drives around in smooth, Mercedes-filled silence.

I even figured out how to reset the clock, an art that has been lost and relearned several times since I got the car. Overall, a positive thing. And no more public transportation for me. The bus is for suckers.