26 March 2002


Here's an illuminating little glimpse into the World of Harold:

I got a turkey sandwich and a baked potato for lunch today. I brought them back to my cubicle to eat. I was really pretty hungry.

I put some fake butter and real sour cream on the potato, along with some low fat cheese (I got the potato at the gym - I took the fixin's that they had). And then I did the choppy-slicy thing on the potato until the potato was all mixed up with the goodies, yet still within its two halves of potato skin.

I looked all around to make sure no coworkers were watching.

Then I picked up one half of the potato and took a big bite out of it like it was a slice of pizza. I went through the whole sandwich and potato like that, never using a utensil during the entire meal.

I do this all the time.

So a confession, then: I like to eat baked potatoes with my hands. Bet you didn't know that, did you?