27 March 2002


A horrible dream I had the other night:

I had to go into the morgue of this hospital, right? But it wasn't just any hospital; it was County General Hospital from the TV series ER. Luckily, Robin Williams and Anthony Edwards were with me.

It wasn't a regular morgue, though. It was more like a crypt, with big stone vaults and flickering candles and gaslights. The skeletons in the vaults weren't being peacefully dead, though. They were yelling and screaming for their freedom in horribly scratchy skeleton voices.

Anthony Edwards felt like we should destroy the place so he started kicking over candles, trying to start a fire. Everything was made of stone, though, so no fire would catch. Robin Williams and I were searching for a doorway out, and eventually we found one. He kicked it open.

Outside the door was a tall, muscular man covered with scars. He backed me into a room across the hall from the morgue. He had a bunch of syringes filled with a glowing pink fluid and he kept asking me if he could give me one of these injections. I told him no, but he kept asking and coming towards me, trying to give me a shot.

Finally I asked him what the syringes were full of. He showed me the box the liquid had come in; it was a chemical used in dry cleaning for removing lint. It was called Lint Free. I told him he could not inject it in to me.

Some of his friends (or maybe followers? I got a cult-like vibe off of them) came into the room then and started throwing the syringes at me. Most of them missed, but some hit me and sank deep into my skin. I kept yanking them out before the guy or one of his buddies could run over and push the plunger down. The floor was covered with syringes, all full of glowing pink Lint Free, their needles red with my blood.

Finally he called an Asian woman into the room. She had six syringes in each hand and threw them in such a pattern that there was no way for me to dodge them all. They were hanging out of my hands and chest, and I was frantically pulling them out as the people moved in on me. I knew I wouldn't be able to get them all out before they reached me.