25 March 2002


Notes from the Oscars last night:

  • Uma Thurman's got great big boobs! Wow! She's always been such a willowy thing, and now she's got big ol' porno-style knockers! I hear she's recently had a kid, though. I guess that explains it.
  • That Robert Redford's got a big old head, doesn't he?
  • Sonya had a great observation last night: "I think Julia Roberts is drunk."
  • Poor Jennifer Lopez - they didn't get done with her hair before she had to go on stage.
  • Joan Rivers is a scabby little parasite on the underbelly of celebrity.

And where was Wesley Snipes during the tribute to Sidney Poitier? I saw Mr. Snipes in Blade IIthis weekend and if they gave an Oscar for most vampires killed Snipes would certainly win. That was a good movie, dude, with lots of cool vampire deaths and an overall air of video game violence. I recommend it.

I also went sailing for the first time this weekend. My friend Tina and her boyfriend Steve have a sailboat that they generously offered to take me and Sonya out on on Sunday. That was pretty fuckin' cool, buddy. We sailed from the marina down to the airport on the lake, ate a sandwich, and then cruised back again. We were out for most of Sunday afternoon, drinking beer and listening to Jimmy Buffett the whole way. It was quite breezy on the water - jackets and jeans were the order of the day - but totally pleasant. I'll go back the next time I'm invited.