22 January 2004

Some of my new coworkers have had less than positive experiences with men in their lives. One of them was talking about these experiences yesterday. The main thrust of her argument was that men, as a group, are miserable cocksuckers.

"...present company excluded, of course," she concluded.

I waved a hand dismissively. "Oh, don't worry. It would be different if men didn't rule the world, but we do. You go ahead and express your little opinion."

In the elevator at work there are flyers advertising upcoming grand rounds. Grand rounds, I think, are when a bunch of doctors go look at a patient and poke the patient with a stick.

One upcoming session of grand rounds is "increasing abdominal girth in a nineteen year-old man."

Hmmm. There should be lots of interest in that. They might have a developing case of acute fatfuckitis on their hands!