21 April 2002


Sonya and I were laying on the couch last night, watching The Ten Commandments.

"Yul Brynner," Sonya said, "wow. He was really hot."

"And there's so much sex," I observed later, referring directly to the scene where chicky tells the slimy Dathan (played by Edward G. Robinson) that she'll do anything if only he won't kill Joshua. This while she's on her knees in front of his chair. Not subtle.

Robinson tickled me, 'cause he's the stereotypical movie gangster from the thirties, playing a broad epic-movie bad guy. After everything he said I kept wanting to add, "shee here, shee. Ya dirty rat! Ya bum! Why, I oughtta..."

And his character was willfully dumb. "Moses can't bring a plague!" Moses brings a plague. "Moses can't stop the army!" Moses stops the army - with help from God. "Moses can't get us across the sea!" They cross the sea. Smiting is happening left and right and this dude keeps questioning it.

"Why you dirty...lissen up, God, I'm gonna pop ya in the nose if ya don't watch yer lip, shee?"