18 April 2002


Jimmy roared into town last night on his Harley. We made a beer run and then watched that movie with John Travolta where Halle Berry shows her boobs. They were nice!

This morning Jimmy took off for a motorcycle shop in Slidell run by a friend of a friend. Meanwhile, back at the house, my friend Kent had sent me an e-mail address to send a resume to. I did so. Dude at the other end said he was forwarding it on to the interested party, and I said that was good. Then I went to get Donna at the airport.

Donna and Jimmy were here for Mardi Gras, remember? They also helped us move to New Orleans back in 2000. Jimmy - whom Sonya and I had met all of one time before we moved - not only drove the U-Haul from Memphis to New Orleans but also helped us carry everything up to our third-floor flat. After that I was ready to start dating him, and Sonya and I gave Jimmy and Donna and their budding relationship our wholehearted blessing.

So Donna was flying in to do the Crescent City Classic. I'd meant to do it, but between the foot injury and the lingering cold I knew it wasn't going to happen - but we'd go cheer her on.

I'm coming back from the airport with Donna and Sonya calls. My resume had gotten to whoever it needed to get to and they had already called me. I let Donna out in front of the Sheraton to get her race number and goodie bag and I called the people back.

I've got a phone interview next Friday and they sound pretty excited about me. And it's in Memphis. Everything is up in the air.

Tonight Jimmy and I went to the grocery store and then Jimmy cooked. We had honey curry chicken and baked vegetables and sautéed spinach and it was very, very good. We all told Jimmy so.

"It's amazing the recipes you can come up with when you're high," he said.