28 March 2003


The weekend will be busy.

Sonya and I are going to a party tonight in honor of one of the grad students she used to work with. He's back in town and his fellow grad students are drinking.

Drinking. With college students. I am so there.

Tomorrow we're supposed to look at houses. Lots of houses. It's fun poking around in other people's lives, but ultimately exhausting.

Sunday we're going to brunch with friends. Then, Sunday evening, we're going to a Hornets game. Our friend Lark - who was in town for Mardi Gras - works at the NBA headquarters in New York. She sent us some mondo expensive club seat tickets. Sonya and I will be living it up like rock stars! I'm going to play air hockey with Master P, and Sonya will be interviewed by Nikki Reyes.

I wonder what the poor people will be doing?