19 March 2003

Being able to fill a web page with links is God's way of telling you that you're not entertaining, but you can at least find people who are.

Today's subject: New Orleans people! I know I've said on occasion that I am the undisputed master of the New Orleans personal web site. I'm not disputing this. But some others have come to my attention who are at least halfway acceptable:

  • Lorie is a person I've actually spoken to! Her weblog is cool and her other site is very interesting. She takes cool pictures and fills lots of pages with links! She's a Hip Young Person buying a house, too.

  • Allen goes to a lot of fucking shows and writes very well. He also maintains the Nolablogs list, which I am currently petitioning for membership.

  • Carlene seems pretty cool, and she rode in Tucks this year. I'd shoot a kitten to ride in Tucks. Through her site I found this site, which says I should e-mail them if I want to ride on their float in Tucks next year! This bears looking in to.

I declare these people cool.