14 March 2003

Have you watched Family Business yet? It's on Showtime, Friday nights at 10:30 central. Tonight there's a new episode, followed immediately by last week's episode.

Here's the premise: this guy, Adam Glasser, runs a small but successful business in California. The show centers around him, his mom and his cousin, who all run the business. His kid and his employees show up. And he makes porn! And his work name is Seymore Butts!

It's a hoot. You know, some people would pay good money to be surrounded by beautiful people having sex and then getting to film it. Adam, though, acts like it's just one more fucking headache. "We need lube, dammit. Hurry up, we gotta get the anal scene." Stevie, the cousin, is a gruff older guy with a filthy mouth who reminds me of a guy I worked with right after I got out of college. His mom is obviously proud of him, but she'd like him to meet a nice girl, of course. Adam comes across as likeable and sensible, if a bit overworked by his business. But what small businessman isn't?

Again I say: a hoot. You will laugh right out loud.