13 March 2003

From last week's issue of The Stranger:

8:00 FOX COPS: MARDI GRAS 2002 It's kind of like Girls Gone Wild, except the cops get to beat the shit out of them.

And from this week's Last Days section:

"I was stopped at a light in front of the Pacific Science Center," writes Kim. "When I glanced to my right, I saw a woman picking her nose with what appeared to be a wooden chopstick. She really had it up in there, too--and what's worse, right before the light changed, she pulled the chopstick out and licked it clean." Kim had barely recovered when she pulled into a parking lot across from the aquarium and saw "a guy sitting on the ground with one shoe off, biting the toenails on his dirty feet!"

That shit's just too upsetting for words.