28 February 2003

Tonight will be a late night.

I had to hustle after work to get together my priest costume for Fat Tuesday; the cheap ones at Party City are all sold out and I ended up having to rent an expensive one from a place up on St. Charles. I have to be a priest, though; the theme has gone out across town and across the country. I have altar boys and nuns to think about.

But tonight we're going to see Better Than Ezra do their big Mardi Gras show, and they don't go on stage until 11:30 p.m. That is a late show. But hell, it's a weekend, right? Besides, there won't be much sleeping between now and sometimes late next week, so I shouldn't get too used to it.

[Addendum, early Saturday morning: That was a great fucking show. The place was packed, and both crowd and band were very rowdy. There were two big Marine-type guys standing in front of us that Sonya and I were calling the Bobbins by the time we left. Between songs they stood normally, but whenever a song was actually being played they bobbed up and down, keeping no time at all with either the music or each other. They were like full-body bobbleheads, just a bobbin'.

I didn't laugh out loud at them, though. They were huge, and could have squashed me like a grape.]