27 February 2003

Jen and James and Kieran and I made a few drinks (though really, Kieran didn't have any. He's a baby) and went up to St. Charles this evening to watch the parades. We had a lovely time, hanging out and whatnot, and Kieran was a happy little guy. He pointed and clapped and waved and talked his unintelligible baby talk. He likes parades. Lots of people threw things to him and into his stroller. Kids, used wisely at a parade, are good things.

When Sonya's float got nearby I walked up the street until I found her. Then I took pictures of her for about three blocks, hoping our little camera had both the lense and the flash to reach up to Sonya on the float's upper deck. I got back to my friends and grabbed the sign I'd made for the occasion - I gigantic picture of John Taylor, original bass guitarist for Duran Duran, with the words THROW JOHN TAYLOR SOMETHING! She laughed and gave me gigantic beads that made the crowd around me gasp with jealousy and hate for me. This is exactly what I wanted. Now I am spoiled, and no parade will ever be as good as the one where the Wife gave me the extra-special goodies.