30 January 2003


This is from The Guardian, talking about the State of the Union address:

"For Bush, the world community at the UN is interesting; but not very interesting; and certainly not essential.

"He is the only person in the world who can afford to think this way. He has the muscle that no one else comes near to possessing. His menaces and his stare are easily mocked, but they are also impressively scary. I would not have liked to have been an Iraqi general watching that speech. We caricature today's America as a flabby, divided and sentimental empire, led by an idiot; but it is also, at moments, the warlike republic of old, with a self-certainty no other country has known for generations. Today the UN is the flag and theory of the world order: but America, like its Coke, is the real thing."

Hell yeah! Stay the fuck out of our way, buddy, or we will steamroll the fuck out of you on the way to annihilate our intended target.

My take on Iraq? I'm a pretty good liberal, I think, and I don't want a war any more than anyone else. But if America goes to war you know we're gonna win that motherfucker! This isn't a war on drugs or a war on terrorism, with no clear goal in sight. This is a war on Iraq, and when Iraq says uncle then we'll win. And a world without Saddam Hussein in charge of a whole country would be, on the whole, a better world. I think the end will justify the means quite nicely.