29 January 2003


The alarm went off this morning. I got up, hit snooze, and crawled back in bed. I rolled over to throw an arm over Sonya.

And then I got hit with this weird fucking pain high up in my stomach, right below my ribs. I made this weird awwwwk sound and rolled back over. The pain subsided, but I was left with a profoundly queasy stomach. I thought I was truly at risk of honking in the bed.

I managed to keep it down, though, and when the alarm went off again I got up and proceeded with my normal morning routine. My stomach's felt a bit delicate all day, and I haven't eaten much, but I feel much better now than I did this morning.

What's up with that? I am, as a rule, a Healthy Young Man. I was laying in bed, holding back puke, and the Ignatius part of my mind was thinking my valve! My valve is closed! My valve is very sensitive to shock and it has slammed tight!

And the Ignatius' Mom part of my brain replied you're always talking about your valve! How come no one else got a valve but you?

Here's a nice turn of phrase from trancejen:

If I'm pregnant then it must be Jesus Christ, and he is going to come zinging out of my crotch with a choir of cherubim.

Damn, I wish I'd said that.

You know what this web site needs? Clip art. Random pieces of clip art. It's coming soon, I assure you.