06 January 2003


I had a busy day!

I cleaned the house (the downstairs, anyway - I'm not a machine), dropped off some clothes at the cleaners and mailed the bills.

Then I went on a search.

I have two pairs of All Stars: black high top and white low cut. But man, they've seen better days. I think my feet have kind of spread out and gotten wider since I started running a few years ago, because my little toe has burst out the side of every one of these shoes.

I need more All Stars.

And not just any All Stars. I want the black monochrome ones (pictured here). These were hard to find a couple of years ago before the company got bought out - I haven't seen a pair in the flesh in a while now.

But I felt like I should try. I went to all the athletic shoe places on Canal - nothing. Even Soul Train Fashions didn't have any, though they told me that they had had them in the past. But none now.

So screw the shoes, right? I got an earring that needs putting in.

See, last time I got a nipple pierced I got one of those nifty captured-ball rings, too. An extra one, and I thought I'd just pop it in the hole in my ear that's been there since I was a freshman in college.

Ha ha! No! I couldn't get the fucker in no matter how hard I tried, and neither could Sonya. My ear really, really hurt after we tried to put it in, though.

So I took it back to Electric Ladyland, but Erin wasn't going to be in until Wednesday.

Plan B: go to Electric Expressions - where the talented Sage works - and get their piercer to do it. His name's Rocky, and he was happy to do it. I told him about the trouble I'd had getting it in.

"Well sure," he said reasonably, "the hole's too small."

So he re-stuck me and now I have a new earring. Pretty cool-looking, too.

Then I went home and made pork chops and scalloped potatoes and did a couple of loads of laundry.

Productivity, thy name is Harold.