03 January 2003


From The Stranger, and it's a follow-up to something I posted last month:

"The week begins with the miracle of birth, as experienced by a crowd of onlookers at a West Virginia funeral home. That's where a nativity scene featuring live animals was turned into a bucking, braying birthing pit, as a sheep went into labor. Gawkers gathered, authorities were called, and members of the Charleston Fire Department eventually helped deliver the ewe's newborn, who was listed in good condition by the time crews left the scene. In a quirky coincidence, today's funeral home live-action nativity scene is the exact same one that made headlines last Monday, after Charleston police allegedly discovered a local man having intercourse with one of the nativity scene's sheep. No connection has been made between last week's alleged-rape-victim sheep and today's birth-mother sheep, but readers can't be blamed for envisioning the worst."