09 December 2002


I've been off the Celexa for the last few days, and the withdrawal is in full effect.

Lots of people coming off the SSRI-type drugs have reported the "zaps" which, if I understand it right, is like constant static electricity going off all over your head. Thankfully I have yet to experience this. However, a couple of times I have felt like my brain was too big for my head and I've had to grab at my temples, mad scientist-style.

I'm dizzy, too, but not all the time. When I am, though, it's like trying to navigate through life enduring a constant headrush. It's not as much fun as it sounds.

I'm a little stumble-footed, too, and sometimes I can't concentrate. I feel a little drunk, mainly.

But I'm happy! Everything makes me smile, and lots of things make me laugh, especially the peculiar way I feel.

And I can stay up late! I stayed up 'til midnight last night downloading tunes, where a few weeks ago I would have given up at ten-thirty.

OVerall, I don't see what the problem was for Renton and the gang in Trainspotting. I've had more unpleasant colds.

Oh, they were quitting heroin? Okay, then.