06 December 2002


You saw Laura in this week's New York pictures, right? Laura is Leigh Ann's sister; Leigh Ann is a year younger than Sonya and Sonya and Leigh Ann were good friends growing up. Leigh Ann and Lark (also in the pictures) graduated from high school together and Laura and Lark are pretty tight.

Laura is legendary for her thrifty ways.

We were leaving Lark's Brooklyn apartment and heard a train arrive at the nearby subway station. We dashed down the stairs and Laura and Lark zipped through the gates, using their little swipe-card passes.

But oh! Sonya and I had tokens, and the gate we were at didn't accept tokens.

"Here," Laura said, handing her card through the gate, "come on come on come on!"

Sonya and I used the card and we jumped on the train just as the doors closed.

"Thanks, Laura," I said.

"Don't thank me," she said, holding out her hand, "give me your tokens!"