28 August 2002


Also Sunday - and wasn't Sunday an eventful day? - I realized that we simply had to go booze shopping. The liquor cabinet is bare.

Our friend Kelli came over Sunday night, and Sonya opened a bottle of wine. Once it was gone I realized how dire the situation was.

We'd had, like, three beers in the house on Friday. I drank them through the course of the weekend. Sonya had opened our last bottle of wine. The tonic in the fridge said it should be consumed by this past March. There were no olives or lemons or limes for garnish.

We're out of rum. We're out of gin.

"We don't have any Stoli!" Sonya cried.

We do, inexplicably, have two bottles of vermouth. One has been opened, but it's nearly full.

Surprisingly, though, we did have the fixings for a black russian. Simple: ice, vodka, kahlua. It tastes like ice cream!