27 August 2002


While I was outside Sunday getting hit with rocks and eating poison Sonya was inside, cleaning the house.

And trying out her new roller skates.

She got her new skates last weekend, and they're pretty darned cool. They're purple tennis shoes with yellow glitter wheels attached.

"Not roller blades," Sonya notes, "roller skates. Four wheels. Two axles. One brake in front."

So she's skating around the house, trying to get the feel for these sneaker/skates, and she goes into our downstairs bathroom/laundry room.

"I went to push off," she explained to me later, "and my foot caught on the dryer."

"I busted my ass."

Indeed she did. She walked around like a cripple on Sunday night, hunkering over and clutching at her ass. I had to help her out of bed Monday morning. Now she's fine, except for the big vague bruise on her back.

"I took a nasty bump," she told me proudly.