04 July 2002


In New York 

I got a Rolex in Chinatown today. It ticks, but I still think it's real. They wouldn't put all those diamonds in a fake Rolex, would they?

The guy who sold it to me told me that he does sometimes get Rolexes with the sweep second hand. He charges twenty-five bucks for them - as opposed to the ten I paid - and normally sells out of them the same day he gets them.

I also got Star Wars: Episode Two on DVD because, well, it was there. I'll probably never go see it in the theater, so this was just as good. And cheaper than going to the movies, too!

Funny Bootlegger Story: One woman was selling the usual selection of first-run movies and top forty CDs on her little cart. A cop pulled up right in front of her and stepped out of his car. The woman saw him, kicked her little cart back on its wheels and sprinted down the street, covering two blocks in seconds before ducking down an alley.

The cop looked after her, shook his head and got back in the car. It was too damned hot to be chasing bootleggers.