22 April 2002


Sonya and I went to Michaul's Saturday night to meet some friends for dinner. Michaul's is an authentic Cajun place on St. Charles that gives cajun dance lessons. Our friend Tina wanted to learn how to Cajun dance before Jazzfest, so we went.

We got there about seven thirty.

Our friends got there around seven forty-five.

The waiter was very, very bad.

We watched three sets of Cajun dance lessons (done between sets by the very loud Cajun band) before our food came. This is all the dance lessons they do in a night.

We left at ten thirty.

In summary:

  • Service was slow.
  • We could not talk, since it was loud.
  • Tina did not get to learn to Cajun dance, since we were waiting for food and dizzy with hunger.