15 April 2002


I went to take a shower at the gym today because I was all sweaty and stinky. And all the freakin' showers were full! There's like ten stalls in the showers, and every single one of them was full.

That's not quite accurate. The Old Guy Shower was open. This in a shower with a curtain instead of a glass door. It also has a seat (so you can sit while you shower) and a moveable shower head (so you can aim it at yourself while you're sitting on the seat, I suppose).

I chose not to use the old guy shower. Some legitimately crippled up old guy might come along and bitch at me if I were all sprawled on the shower seat, taking a lazy sit-down shower.

So I went to the scales to weight myself, and I've dropped ten pounds in the last two weeks! Them diet sodas really work!