12 April 2002


Some Harold-related links today:

First, everything you ever post on the internet is archived, somewhere. I leave it as an exercise to the reader to find my deathless prose and quote it back to me. Knock yourself out.

Also, would you believe someone (who is not me) actually registered the domain name wonderland2.com? And I can say - perfectly objectively, too - that it sucks ass. If that was the best lookin' web page I could make I'd smash my computer and start writin' letters, Thompson-style. Do you think it looks that shitty with whatever foreign alphabet is meant to go in there?

I've considered registering that domain in the past, too. But now I'm just going to live here in Trish's basement forever, just like that Sling Blade guy.

Harold.com is registered, too. And the Harold in question seems to be a pretty cool DJ-type person. I shall let him use the domain without the threat of litigation.

For now.