04 April 2002


I say to you once again that The Stranger - an alternative newsweekly out of Seattle - is one of the funniest publications ever.

Read this, from their Last Days column:

Today Last Days was blessed with a brilliant hot tip from a Hot Tipper who wisely wishes to remain anonymous. "My boyfriend and I had just finished doing it," reports our Hot Tipper (let's call her "Tamara"). "I heard a noise and looked down just in time to see my dog gobbling down the post-coital condom." Tamara frantically rang her vet, who asked if the condom in question had been wrapped or unwrapped. Learning that the condom had been unwrapped but good, the vet could only advise Tamara to "sift through her dog's stool for a few days"--a hideous task preempted by the dog's "waking from a nap with a strange look on her face," then strolling into the front yard and pooping out a condom. "It was one of the weirdest things I've ever seen in my life," says Tamara, and we believe her.

"...pooping out a condom."

That may be the funniest phrase ever in the history of the world.

Therefore, every Thursday morning (when the online content is updated) you should read The Stranger.