03 April 2002


You know what would be funny? If Charlton Heston was named prime minister of Israel. After all, he did play a very important Israeli (well, Israelite) and he did pretty good there, didn't he?

"I'll give you a one-way ticket, Mr. Arafat...a one-way ticket to hell!"

I got Roxy some heartworm pills the other day, right? And you have to give these pills to dogs once a month. So I gave her one on Saturday.

But while on our afternoon walk Roxy vomited, as dogs sometimes do. I called the vet on Monday, and she said wait a few days and then give Roxy another pill.

This morning I took another pill out of its protective blister-pack. These particular pills have a tasty, meaty flavor that dogs love. At least Roxy loves them, because she jumped at my hand as I went to give the pill to her - knocking the pill out of my hand and sending it rolling under the refrigerator. I got the broom and tried to sweep it out, but I couldn't find it. I got a lot of dog hair out from under the refrigerator, though.

This is how the Williams Family went through a three-month supply of heartworm pills in less than a week.