27 January 2004

Five o'clock this morning. I woke up because I had to pee, but I didn't get up immediately.

John was laying in his bed, working on vowel sounds.

"Oooooh...ah! Ah! Ah! Errrrrrr...."

Roxy had an itch at the base of her tail. She was curled around on herself and shaking the bed as she lunged at the itchy spot.


Sonya usually has a pleasant, purring snore. I tell people that Sonya's snore makes me want to go to sleep so that maybe I can snore like that, too. But she's had a cold recently, and her snore has a lot more rattle and volume.


So what I was hearing was:

"Oooooh...grrrr...ah! Ah! Nnnnnnrrrrrrr....grrrrr...errrrr..."

Finally the alarm went off twenty minutes later and I got up because it was fucking noisy.